DevSecOps Tools for Application Security

  • SecDevOps Infrastructure Platform

    Providing full end-to-end orchestration and automation, the Wabbi Symphony platform enables enterprises to integrate application security into their native workflows at every step of the software development lifecycle. With its SecDevOps native workflow, enterprises can analyze their existing Development and Security Tool data, view the Security Data they need in their existing DevOps and SecOps tools, and drive educated and automated actions. With Wabbi, DevOps and Security are no longer hindered by manual or untimely processes, as the Wabbi platform handles all the heavy lifting – even down to one-click integrations with new tools. This allows the Development and Security teams to keep their focus on delivering code quickly and securely for the ultimate competitive advantage.

  • Application Security Project Management for Design Phase

    As Development and Security priorities continually change, the ability to know and apply the right policies are for a given project becomes a drag on delivery timelines and highly prone to error. With Wabbi’s Project Management solution – policies and controls are automatically applied based on the project profile. This allows security decisions to be transparent and automated at every step of the Development process so code that meets the security standards keeps shipping – and when it doesn’t they have the information to remediate so security doesn’t become a bottleneck in the release process.

  • Application Security Issue Management for Test Phase

    Development teams become awash in vulnerability and control data without any information to understand it in the context of their individual applications. With Wabbi’s proprietary scoring system, Vulnerability Management gets out of list management into actionable information that can be managed as part of the backlog. Prioritized by the specific requirements of that project, teams always know what has to be fixed before shipping, and what the SLAs are on outstanding items. And as threat landscapes change, they always know what the most urgent items are that need to be fixed.

  • Application Security Gatekeeper for Deploy Phase

    As the single repository for all Application Security information, Wabbi collects and evaluates the Security data from every step of development to provide the go/no go decision into the pipeline. Tolerances can even be adjusted on a version and environment level, so that other testing isn’t held up by Security. If it’s a no-go, Wabbi provides information to Development, Operations, and Security about what needs to be done to bring it into compliance with security standards so code can keep shipping swiftly and securely.

  • Application Security Policy Management for Maintain Phase

    Policies are the core of every Application Security program, yet they often live in PDFs and Excel documents that are siloed from the day-to-day development processes, leading to untimely information as projects and policies change. With the Wabbi Policy Management solution, Security teams get a centralized repository to continually monitor and update policies. This means no more lag-time when a change occurs as stakeholders are automatically notified. Additionally, Application Security managers get the visibility to know when policies are – and are not – followed, so they can keep their focus on verifying that security standards are met.


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