Security Awareness. Redefined

The only autonomous training platform that guarantees change in employee behavior, through next-generation phising simulation and integrated training.

CybeReady offers Public companies & Government agencies the first autonomous cybersecurity training platform that changes employee behavior towards phishing attacks without any IT effort.

CybeReady’s solution utilizes Machine Learning powered training that implements adaptive methodology and reduces cybersecurity risk. CybeReady’s autonomous training platform is fully managed, making it the awareness training solution with the lowest cost of ownership (TCO).

CybeReady’s was founded in 2015. Its co-founders have trained hundreds of government and public agency during their work at The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA).

CybeReady has hundreds of customers in Europe including major banks - who chose the solution due to its high compliance regulations and GDPR standards.


For more information about CybeReady Products and Services, please contact:

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