March 24, 2022

2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

Do you ever find yourself spending large amounts of time manually preparing and cleaning your excel data before you can perform the analysis necessary to gain valuable business insights? Alteryx makes this tedious cleaning problem an issue of the past, as you can quickly format, parse, add business logic or calculated columns, all without writing any code!

Attendees joined this webinar by Alteryx partner Amplify Consulting Partners in a showcase of Alteryx's ability to automate the ingestion and formatting of your Excel data to be utilized by any data visualization tool, including Tableau and PowerBI.

During this webinar, attendees:

  • Learned how Alteryx enables business users to take control of their process with an easy-to-understand GUI interface
  • Discovered how easily audit and debug issues can be solved within the Alteryx workflow rather having to rely on programmers to own these automation tasks
  • Watched how data flows from 100's of excel files in customer formats to Tableau with ease, previously impossible to report on without Alteryx

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