August 17, 2021

2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

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Just like a physician relies on the latest technology to treat their patients, those tasked with working with data within HHS, DHA, the VA, or Public Health organizations need the latest innovative capabilities to accelerate the insights necessary to tackle the biggest analytic challenges ranging from supply chain, procurement, enrollment, eligibility, clinical services, population health, and more.

In this session Amplify, an Alteryx Partner will demo how with Alteryx, users are enabled to quickly gather data sources through API's, cloud data warehouses, file extracts, and more, then blend these sources with Alteryx provided data such as demographic and firmographic data to see what groups suffered the most. With the capability to quickly wrangle data and send it to a BI tool like Tableau or Power BI, users can quickly gain insights and be able to make data driven decisions to help mitigate risk and focus efforts on hot spots of affected populations.

This webinar session will highlight how organizations can address key business questions:

  • Which population segments were most impacted from Covid-19?
  • Which regions had the most cases/deaths?
  • What was the biggest factors in risk of Covid?
  • How are cases/deaths trending for certain segments or regions?

Learn how Alteryx enables any type of healthcare operation to prep, blend, enrich, and analyze multiple and complex data sets needed to optimize operations and improve organizational and health outcomes— Register today!