March 20, 2018

2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

Using over 20 financial reports from multiple systems of record within the Army Command Financial Portfolio, Grant Thornton developed a Financial Analytics Solution and created analytic capabilities to measure performance and financial obligations. This solution, leveraging Tableau, automates scorecard and performance metrics to compare fund centers and performance improvements, as well as identifies high-risk obligations, problematic balances, available funds, and more.

Grant Thornton applied their expertise to collect and obtain source data from multiple financial systems and ERPs and developed "As Is" and "To Be" strategy. They obtained documentation and source materials to learn business processes and define metrics and calculations. Using this they were able to create a Microsoft Access repository to link data sources and map relational keys and processes, developing dynamic reporting, and drilldown capabilities for enhanced visualization and data analysis.

During this webcast, Grant Thornton shared the following benefits that were achieved:
  • Systematic and repeatable data-driven approach to performance automation
  • Automatic updates for constant analysis and results-vs-target comparison throughout the year
  • Increased visualization, dynamic reporting, and improved look and feel of data tables
  • Improved data quality and reporting to integrate multiple financial management and ERP systems

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