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Snowflake’s cloud data platform, enables federal agencies to avoid managing infrastructure and focus on putting data to use. Snowflake’s modern data sharing technology helps break down data silos to drive collaboration, and deliver easy, fast, and secure data access inside a single solution. Snowflake is FedRAMP Authorized (Moderate) on AWS commercial and Azure Government regions.

modern-100.jpg Modernize systems and services
Enable your most critical data workloads with a single, performant, and secure cloud data platform that requires near-zero maintenance.
collaborate-100.jpg Collaborate with data seamlessly and securely
Easily collaborate across and between agencies with secure data sharing, and with the functionality to help you ensure the highest levels of data security and data governance.
capitalize-100.jpg Capitalize on new and existing technologies and skill sets
Utilize your existing SQL skill sets. Easily extend Snowflake to other languages and tools. Pay by the second and only for compute and storage you use.


Find out more at snowflake.com/federal

Snowflake Master Class on Modern Collaboration at the FCW Virtual Cloud Summit



For more information about Snowflake Products and Services, please contact: