May 15, 2018

2:00 PM EST - 3:00 PM EST

Tableau’s own Michael Truong published this visualization as a proof of concept for a Federal government customer. The challenge was to use an open data source to tell a story interactively. Michael found data from the World Bank Indicators and added another data set from the U.S. Census Bureau to tell the story of water scarcity trends. The visualizations highlight visual best practices by layering context to build a story telling narrative, and show a range of analytic techniques including time series analysis and an analysis of variance.

Data visualizations are commonly used to communicate the quantitative. This visualization does something unusual by bringing the impact of qualitative policy factors. Perhaps more important, Michael learned about the invaluable importance of subject matter expertise to reveal the story behind the numbers. This is particularly important for public servants, educators, and consultants alike.

Attendees joined Tableau for this demo as Michael Truong used an open data source to tell a story interactively by using visualization.

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