October 28, 2021

2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

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The White House's recent Executive Order on cybersecurity tasked federal agencies like yours with the need to better safeguard the American public against cyber threats and bad actors. 

With Wabbi's security platform, development teams have the continuous policy awareness required to implement real-time policy efficacy, coverage and compliance monitoring, significantly improving your agency's cybersecurity posture.

Join Wabbi's CEO and Founder online on October 28th to:
  • Learn the 5 steps to implement an integrated application security program into your existing development workflows
  • Understand the value of continuous authority to operate (ATO) and why it is a strategic advantage when deployed correctly in a software development lifecycle 
  • Discover the role of application security in the cybersecurity Executive Order and how to map today's requirements to your long-term roadmap 

Register now for this Wabbinar to learn how continuous ATO and Wabbi's SecDevOps platform can support your agency's defense and cybersecurity-related missions.