January 26, 2021

1:30 PM EST - 2:30 PM EST

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As agencies embark on their data transformation journey, where do they begin with their ever-growing data volumes and increasingly diverse data sources? 

With various data mandates in place, agencies and programs have placed much of their energy and resources on data capture, often at the expense of a well unified and managed view of that data.  
Join NASA's CDO, Ron Thompson, and TIBCO Federal’s VP of Data Management, Mark Bannon for an interactive webinar to discuss ways to incrementally transform your agency into a data-driven organization.  

You will learn:
  • The benefits of efficient and smart uses of data
  • About using data intelligently for better access, trust, and control
  • What is required for an effective data strategy that complies with federal mandates

This interactive session will define ways your agency can reap the benefits of a unified data strategy. Get access to TIBCO’s complimentary proof-of-value program.