January 16, 2018

2:00 PM EST - 3:00 PM EST

One of the most important operational expenses governments have is their workforce. Employees are the front line of any agency and leaders must understand the impact of staff productivity, overtime costs, absence management and process compliance. Increased Human Resources (HR) workloads challenge government agencies to improve performance while reducing overall costs, due to an increased focus on agency performance metrics and continued budget cuts.  

Government agencies that lack up-to-date HR processes are challenged to make informed decisions for securing the best available workforce for upcoming fiscal years to achieve future productivity and mission fulfillment. Instead of simply managing transactions and delivering compliance programs, HR must focus on data driven workforce solutions to raise its game by aligning its capabilities with the agency’s overall goals to become trusted advisors that can analyze, consult, and resolve critical business issues.

During this webcast, attendees:
  • Understood the critical challenges associated with the HR function
  • Understood key potential benefits from workforce analytics and data visualization
  • Better understood how to take results of data collection to become a data driven agency
  • Learned how data used the right way can help you improve outcomes, make smarter decisions, and drive improved performance
  • Learned how to get started with analytics solutions and building an enduring platform with Tableau

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